IFTF announces first annual Roy Amara Prize

Remake the future by rebooting the present

The Institute for the Future in Palo Alto, California is inviting people around the world to remake the future by rebooting the present. With this competition, IFTF is turning up the volume on well-being around the world. The grand prize for the inaugural Bodyshock competition is the Roy Amara Prize for Participatory Foresight.

What is the Roy Amara Prize?

The Roy Amara Prize is an annual cash award of $3,000 for the best vision of how to remake, reboot, and reinvent the future of global well-being. It is named for IFTF's longtime president Roy Amara (1925-2000) and is part of a larger program of social impact projects honoring his legacy, known as The Roy Amara Fund for Participatory Foresight.

May the best health idea win

BodyShock is sponsored by IFTF's Health Horizons program, which was founded in the 1970s by Dr. Amara. BodyShock is a public call for ideas to improve global health over the next 3-10 years by transforming our bodies and lifestyles. Everyone gets to vote, and the final winners will be ones that create big impacts from small innovations — targeting groups or problems that may seem small today but will be significant or widespread over the coming decade. In October, five winners will participate in an expenses-paid design showcase with mentors in Palo Alto, and the grand winner will receive the Roy Amara Prize.

Why we're offering this prize

Institute for the Future is a 42-year-old nonprofit research organization that uses forecasting to help public, private, and nonprofit organizations address the most pressing issues of the times, including youth, seniors, energy policy, science, technology, education, health care, nutrition, and sustainability. The goal of the Roy Amara Fund for Participatory Foresight is to translate foresight research into concrete actions that address future social challenges. It uses participatory tools, from workshops in local schools to online challenges like BodyShock, to achieve this goal.

Amara's legacy of health forecasting

In the 1970s, Dr. Amara foresaw the growing health burden the world would face, the opportunities and disruptions that health technologies would introduce, and the need for health foresight that could lead to action the present. Today, the Health Horizons program he started brings together the world's leading thinkers and the global public to envision the future of health, from mobile health and green health to open health and DIY health movements.

BodyShock judges

These amazing people make up IFTF's Health Advisory Board, who will be judging the BodyShock competition in addition to votes from the public. Three cheers!

Joanne Andreadis
Lead of Innovation, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Linda Avey
Founder, Brainstorm Research Foundation

Jason Bobe
Director of Community, Personal Genome Project
Founder, DIYBio.org

Alexandra Carmichael
Research Affiliate, Institute for the Future
Co-Founder, CureTogether
Director, Quantified Self

Ted Eytan, MD
Kaiser Permanente, The Permanente Federation

Rod Falcon
Director, Health Horizons Program, Institute for the Future

Peter Friess
President, Tech Museum of Innovation

Thomas Goetz
Executive Editor, WIRED Magazine
Author of The Decision Tree

Natalie Hodge, MD FAAP
Chief Health Officer, Personal Medicine International

Ellen Marram
President, Barnegat Group, LLC
Member of IFTF Board of Trustees

Kristi Miller Durazo
Senior Strategy Advisor, American Heart Association

David Rosenman
Director, Innovation Curriculum,
Center for Innovation at Mayo Clinic

Amy Tenderich
Board Member, Journal of Participatory Medicine
Blogger at DiabetesMine.com

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